Toggle What kind of projects does Dreamstarter support?
We're looking to support trading style social enterprises with bold ideas for positive social change in Australian communities.
Toggle What is a social enterprise?
Social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems or help the environment.
Toggle How do I submit my idea to Dreamstarter?
Simply fill out the Dreamstarter application form.

If you are selected, you will work with our partner StartSomeGood to set up a crowdfunding campaign that will go live a few weeks after being notified.
Toggle What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding lets Dreamstarters put an idea out there by starting a project. Then, they can spread the word through social media and gather supporters.

Supporters help launch Dreamstarter ideas with funding, and by helping tell more people about the ideas. It's really simple. Little contributions from lots of people can make BIG things happen.

If you want to get a feel for what crowdfunding is all about, check out the StartSomeGood FAQ page.
Toggle How are Dreamstarter crowdfunding projects chosen? What are the criteria?
We have a panel of people from StartSomeGood and ING DIRECT to select projects. Submissions are reviewed at the end of the recruitment period. Some of the things they look for are likely social impact, if the proposed business model is likely to succeed, and originality. Though a little 'buzzworthiness' helps too!

We also try to ensure we spread the love to different areas of Australia and mix of different types of businesses and impact areas. ING DIRECT customers will be given special consideration. It is also essential that you fit within StartSomeGood’s criteria. Take a look here.
Toggle What is the Dreamstarter panel?
The Dreamstarter panel is made up of representatives from ING DIRECT and advisors from StartSomeGood and the social enterprise community. Together, they choose the projects that will receive Dreamstarter funding support.
Toggle How often do you review crowdfunding submissions?
We will conduct two application rounds in February and August, with selected projects crowdfunding in May and October respectively.
Toggle How much funding will I receive if successful?
It's up to the Dreamstarter panel to decide the amount of funding you will receive. We have $50,000 available for the remainder of 2016 and we expect to fund 8-10 projects. We will fund up to 50% of your tipping point.
Toggle What happens if my project is selected for Dreamstarter funding support?
If your project is selected for Dreamstarter funding, you will be notified by email with the amount of funding being offered by ING DIRECT. There are a few milestones you will need to reach in order to receive your funding.

  • Set up your project with StartSomeGood within the required timeframes. This includes providing your logo, video, rewards and photos. Usually the biggest hurdles are the video and rewards, so it is good to start thinking about them ahead of time.
  • Ensure you have an ING DIRECT account for the funds to be transferred into.
  • You then need to launch your crowdfunding campaign during the specified period and reach your tipping point.
  • Your project will be featured on our Dreamstarter website and may even get some attention from the media and press.
Toggle How do I receive my funding and does it go towards my tipping point?
Once you have reached your tipping point, you need to notify us with your ING DIRECT account details. If you are registered for GST, you need to provide us with an invoice for the funding amount offered by ING DIRECT.
Toggle What is a campaign tipping point?
The tipping point is the minimum amount needed for the project to kick off. For Dreamstarter projects, the support funding from ING DIRECT counts towards this amount. However, if your project doesn't reach its tipping point (inclusive of Dreamstarter funding), then no money changes hands. You can read more about how fundraising works on StartSomeGood.
Toggle What is the stretch fundraising goal?
The stretch fundraising goal is the dream goal to take your idea further. As long as you pass the campaign tipping point, you'll receive all of the funds you've raised (including Dreamstarter funding), even if you don't reach the stretch goal. Learn more about fundraising goals and how it works on StartSomeGood.
Toggle What if my application is unsuccessful?
In a perfect world we would be able to fund every great idea, but unfortunately this is not the case. However it doesn't mean you should stop trying! Our friends at StartSomeGood would be very happy to talk to you about bringing your idea to life.
Toggle How long does my campaign have to run for?
Dreamstarter campaigns will run for one month at a time.
Toggle Do I still receive Dreamstarter support funding if I don't reach my fundraising goal?
If your project doesn't reach its tipping point (inclusive of Dreamstarter funding) then you don't receive the funds. If you pass the tipping point but don't reach the stretch goal, you'll receive all of the funds you've raised, including the Dreamstarter funding. Read more about how fundraising works on StartSomeGood.
Toggle Do I have to raise more money than the Dreamstarter funding support?
We are keen to fund what the Australian community truly values, so we will only ever fund up to 50% of your tipping point. We want to see passionate people striving for their dreams!
Toggle Do I have to be a registered non-profit?
Everyone's welcome - whether you're an organisation, individual, business, non-profit or independent group.
Toggle Who provides the support funding for Dreamstarter and why?
Dreamstarter is funded by ING DIRECT. We developed Dreamstarter because we believe each and every one of us has the power to help our communities get ahead. Being Australia's first online bank, we want to leverage the digital space to make it simple for people to play their part in a better tomorrow.
Toggle If I am selected, what is expected of me?
If you are selected, you will need to ensure your project goes live at the appropriate time. The biggest hurdle for this is ensuring you have a video ready to go and are clear on what your rewards will be. It is advisable to get in contact with StartSomeGood as soon as you receive notification of being selected.

Of course we would love for you to share your project with your networks, and we will also endeavour to provide some promotional support. Please refer to our social media guide (coming soon!) for tips and tricks.

Our terms and conditions outline what is expected from a sponsorship perspective.
Toggle What dates do I need to be aware of?
For the February recruitment round, selected candidates will be notified by 27 March 2017. Funding is conditional on requirement that you are able to run a live crowdfunding campaign from 3 to 31 May 2017.
Toggle How much funding is available for Dreamstarter crowdfunding support?
We are committed to funding at least $100,000 towards projects over two funding rounds by the end of 2017. The level of funding will vary according to the size of the project. We will fund up to 50% of your tipping point and estimate we will help to get 15 – 20 projects off the ground.
Toggle How will I receive my funding?
  • Your funding amount will automatically appear on your project page when you go live, however sponsorship fees are only transferred into an ING DIRECT account once you reach your tipping point.
  • If you do not have an existing ING DIRECT account, it is recommended that you call our contact centre on 133 464 to find out what will best suit your needs.
  • To begin the process of payment after reaching your tipping point, it is necessary to send the following information to sustainability@ingdirect.com.au:
    • Individuals or organisations that are applicable for GST must send an invoice for the sponsorship amount with their ING DIRECT account details.
    • If not applicable for GST, the individual or organisation must advise they are not applicable for GST, request their sponsorship amount and provide their ING DIRECT account details.
Toggle When must Dreamstarter funds be used by?
Funds must be used within 12 months of the end of your successful crowdfunding campaign, i.e. if the crowdfunding campaign ends at the end of May 2017, you must use the funds by the end of May 2018. To ensure a speedy transfer of funds from ING DIRECT, it is up to Dreamstarters to ensure they have supplied the required information (e.g. ING DIRECT account details and tax invoice if registered for GST).
Toggle What is Grants for Growth?
Once projects are up and running they may need a little help to grow and succeed. ING DIRECT offer a Grants for Growth initiative that allows our Dreamstarter crowdfunding alumni to apply for a cash grant to grow their business. ING DIRECT review all grant applications and work with as many projects as possible to give them the financial boost they need to help even more people and communities. 
Toggle How do I get selected for Grants for Growth? What are the criteria?
Take a look here to see if you meet our selection criteria.
Toggle How do I apply for Grants for Growth?
If you meet the criteria, click here and fill in the Grants for Growth registration form. We’ll need some personal details, details about your Dreamstarter crowdfunding campaign, what you need funding for and budget specifics, as well as your plans for the funds if you are successful.
Toggle What are Bursaries?
Our next round of projects for social good are ready and waiting in the minds of the new generation of social entrepreneurs. Anyone with the right idea can apply to ING DIRECT to provide a fully paid for bursary(scholarship) to attend a learning program giving entrepreneurs the commercial know how to start a successful and sustainable social business. 
Toggle How do I get selected for a Bursary? What are the criteria?
Take a look here to see if you meet our selection criteria.
Toggle How do I apply for a Bursary?
If you meet the criteria for a Bursary, click here to contact us to register your interest.
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